About Me

An analytical, and self-motivated computer and programming hobbyist with enthusiasm for computer technology, teamwork, teaching, training, entrepreneurship, and the media. Strong in the belief that the best employee is forever a student.

Greater than seven years of experience professionally developing and maintaining full LAMP stack web applications. Good written, verbal, and presentational communication skills. Takes an interest in working with others to solve operational problems.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]


HouseSimple Limited

PHP Developer May 2017 - Present

At HouseSimple I have had the opportunity to work within small agile teams to develop and maintain large enterprise applications based on Symfony and Zend PHP frameworks. HouseSimple makes use of Amazon infrastructure such as S3, EC2, and Elasticsearch from which I have accumulated a wealth of experience.

My primary role is to maintain and replacing legacy systems with modern HATEOAS and RESTful APIs. I then work closely with the front-end application developers to integrate these APIs into their work to produce a cohesive and deliverable product. This requires expert knowledge of PHP 7, MySQL, and a fundamental understanding the system architecture. I also frequently leverage tools such as Elasticsearch and Kibana to track application performance, this helps aid architectural and business decisions.

I have enjoyed working closely with the business analysts to develop solutions that solve operational problems in our offices. This work has been very rewarding in that I can see a requirement through inception to delivery, completion, and retrospective. This frequently involves working in a team where communicating ideas and listening to other’s considerations is vital.

Last year I was given the opportunity to go to the Symfony Live Conference which aided an inspired me to further my learning within the rapidly evolving PHP ecosystem. I have since implemented my learnings in experimental projects and shared my findings with the team.

Virtual Head Office Ltd

Lead Web Developer & Sysadmin February 2014 - May 2017

As the lead project developer I have the responsibility of managing the entire software development life cycle. I liaise between clients, designers, and management as a part of daily operations. Projects include, remote client dedicated server management, bespoke software development, WordPress theme development and site development, e-commerce store creation based on OpenCart, and bespoke web development for a recruitment agency.

Working at Virtual Head Office has given me great experience of working within a business that does not specialise in technology. Due to these reasons, I was required to have excellent written and vocal communication, as well as good planning skills, to be able to convey sometimes technical information effectively, and manage and plan my time effectively.

Notable projects include:

  • Barningham Primary School Website: Website development
  • Virtual Head Office Supplies Store: E-commerce development
  • Traditional Painter: Website development
  • DB Music: Bespoke systems development
  • Redfish Solutions: Bespoke systems development

Designaweb (BSE) Ltd

Web Developer & Blog Writer June 2011 - July 2014

Throughout my three years here, working Saturdays and full-time during holidays, I have had roles in all areas of web development. I came to Designaweb with very little ability, however taught myself the skills I needed at home to pursue more interesting roles.

I developed my programming skills, specifically in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. By 2013 I was the lead developer for an affiliate marketing platform. My main role involved developing websites using the full LAMP stack based on mock designs from a designer.

Aside from my core responsibilities I was also responsible for communicating with clients, in both a customer support role and during client consultation stages. As a general IT enthusiast, I was often asked to install new networking hardware within the office, set up the CCTV system and provide IT support to clients

Notable projects include:

  • Animal Health Trust: Website development & content management
  • Combat Paintball Limited: Website development
  • Suffolk Industrial Doors: Website development
  • Office networking & CCTV management
  • Blog writing

Quotations I live by

  • You become what you understand.

    Søren Aabye Kierkegaard
  • Speak not because it is safe, but because it is right.

    Edward Snowden